The Gentleman Losers (Büro 001 CD/LP)


The product of two Finnish siblings (Samu and Ville Kuukka), The Gentleman Losers have crafted an eponymous debut release which strad- dles the fine line between twilight beauty and dusky threat — bringing a sound which references the likes of Vincent Gallo, Deaf Center and William Basinski. Released through the new-born Büro imprint (a sub- sidiary of Berlin/Manchester label City Centre Offices), The Gentleman Losers have succeeded in creating an aural document that revels in juxtapo- sition without resorting to leaden contrast; appearing at once strikingly familiar and gloriously new. Making music together since their early teens, Samu and Ville revel in a sound that evokes tarnished grandeur — where decay and starry-eyed innocence rub shoulders with dusty strings and syrup-drenched instrumentation. They have made the kind of record that acts as an adjective magnet from even the most austere sources, The Gentleman Losers are as dapper as you like. Opening with the creased prologue of “An Empire of Coins,” The Gentleman Losers sound much as you wish Boards of Canada did — taking a water-bled guitar part then incrementally coating it in a queasy blend of crackling aural lint. From here we are coaxed into the beatific path of “Gold Dust Afternoon,” a piece of music which proved to be a turning point in the album’s gestation. Recorded at night in a reputedly haunted house that comprises part of Turku’s medieval quarter, The Gentleman Losers are the latest in a starburst of talent emerging from Finland — where alongside Fonal and Sähkö, the reindeer munching nation has come to the attention of music aficiona- dos the world over. The Gentleman Losers describe their music as “one part ‘60s movie soundtrack, one part wooden electronica, all recorded through a ‘50s Telefunken mixer we found abandoned in a basement… we wanted to make music from a past that hasn’t happened yet…”

Release Date: 6 June 2006
Label: City Centre Offices
Cat#: BURO 001
Format: CD and LP

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