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Bibio – The Apple & The Tooth

Bibio The Apple And The Tooth WARPCDD190
Bibio The Apple And The Tooth WARPCDD190 (CD/LP)

Featuring The Gentleman Losers remix of Haikuesque (The Gentleman Losers’ Whispers In The Rain Mix).

With ‘The Apple and the Tooth’ Bibio once again plays to his strengths by showcasing a whole variety of songs, from lush introspective music collages to beats that could be like some long forgotten disco treasure dusted off. It would be hard to believe this was the work of one producer if it were not for the inimitable vintage imprint on his music.

‘The Apple and the Tooth’ also comes in a super luxe, high end strictly limited 12” in a gold foil embellished sleeve, limited to 1000 worldwide & 150 in the UK!

Release Date: November 2009
Label: Warp
Cat#: warpcd190, warplp190
Format: CD and LP

Winter North Atlantic – A Memento for Dr. Mori – Remixes

Occam’s Razor (The Gentleman Losers ‘Principle of Parsimony’ Remix)

A special release of commissioned remixes based on Winter North Atlantic’s 2009 album “A Memento for Dr.Mori”. With one remix of each track, presented in the same running order as the original album, ‘A Memento for Dr Mori – Remixes’ offers an alternative take on the initial release, regenerated by 11 unique artists.

Release Date: 25 November 2010
Label: Boltfish Recordings
Cat#: BOLTLP011
Format: CD

Windmill – Ellen Save Our Energy EP


Featuring The Gentleman Losers remix Big Boom.

Release Date: 5 July 2010
Label: Melodic
Cat#: n/a
Format: Digital


W&W011 Weathered by epic45

Washed Up (reworked by The Gentleman Losers)

What if a song recorded today could be lost like a photograph, only to be rediscovered years later? Dusty and forgotten for years, warped, faded and torn. Like an old ‘78 discovered in an attic, its history as a physical object indelibly marked and inseparable from the original recording. Weathered, the companion volume to epic45’s Weathering album (Sunday Times Album of the Week, July 2011) sees the Staffordshire duo invite labelmates and contemporaries to literally weather the recordings they made for that record.

Contributing artists include The Remote Viewer, The Gentleman Losers, Fieldhead, E.L. Heath, Jasper TX and Sarah Kemp of Lanterns On The Lake and The Declining Winter.


CD at Norman Records
Digital at Bandcamp

Release Date: April 2012
Label: W&W
Cat#: 011
Format: Digipak CD + Digital

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