The Gentleman Losers is an experimental musical group formed in 2004 by the brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka. Since then they’ve released music on various labels including Büro, City Centre Offices, Warp, Nóthings66 and Standard Form. Their albums have garnered worldwide praise and they have been included on several Year End lists.

With instrumentation ranging from lap steel guitar, analog synths and samplers to bassoon and string sections and harpsichord, the music evokes a tarnished grandeur – an old, fading world meeting a new one.

The feeling is enhanced by the brothers’ meticulous attention to detail and an appreciation of old analog recording equipment. Their records take seemingly forever to make, but they believe in slow: the magic has to be rubbed in, one note at a time.

The Gentleman Losers’ music has been called post-rock, alt-country, folktronica and ambient americana. It’s been described as mesmerizing, cinematic, soothing, and ominous. There’s been comparison to Vincent Gallo, Boards of Canada, Stars Of The Lid and Angelo Badalamenti, as well as Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack and Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas. It has been called music from a land inhabited by Kerouac’s characters. As they put it themselves, “We see it as music from a past that hasn’t happened yet”.


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